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Fuchsia Mini Crochet Party Bag - JETLAGMODE
Fuchsia Mini Crochet Party Bag - JETLAGMODE
Fuchsia Mini Crochet Party Bag - JETLAGMODE

Fuchsia Swing Bag

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The Jetlagmode Fuchsia Crochet Swing Bag is made of Cotton + Czech beads + Recycled wood.

This piece would dance with you, that's why the name is Swing Bag, it has that beautiful movement when you walk.


  • MATERIALS: Cotton + Czech beads + Recycled wood.
  • ARTISANS INVOLVED IN THE PROCESS: (4) Amparo, Yuliana, Laura & Edilma.
  • PRODUCTION TIME: 1 week.


-The Process-

First, the body of the bag is made by Amparo (our crochet expert) completely by hand, with cotton thread. It has a solid base in 3 mm recycled wood, to give structure to the product, and is covered in velvet of the same color. This part takes approx 2-3 days. 

Simultaneously Yuliana develops the handle in Czech beads with an invisible cotton padding that gives comfort when you hold the bag, it takes about 1 day. At the same time Laura, Jetlagmode's loom expert, makes the ends of the purse straps and the cascade of the base in Czech beads. It takes about 3 days. 

Finally, all the separated pieces are passed to Edilma, our artisan leader, who is in charge of putting all of them together and make the final touches, making sure that each product has the best quality. Putting everything together usually takes around 2 or more days, depending on the challenges that may appear. The development of handmade products always has all types of challenges we must deal with in order for the product to meet our quality standards.