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What our customers think....

"Amo mis aretes de Jetlag mode, son piezas únicas que resaltan cualquier outfit, por más sencillo que sea, con todo quedan bien!"

Susana De Lucca

My favorite part of collecting JLM pieces is  mixing them together. I love the versatility of their earrings and cuffs...they are so fun and easy to wear, while supporting artisans around the world. win-win ❤️

Isabella Velez

Whenever I feel I want to uplift my style,  or embrace my feminitity  I think of Jetlagmode! I not only wear their pieces because they are beautiful,  cultural , and handmade , I wear them because they make me feel empowered, strong and BEAUTIFUL

Marcela Villalobos

First, I want to say that Carolina is an incredible woman, her passion for her art is beautiful and rare. Second, her unique and stunning handcrafted pieces are so special because they’ve been made by hands that care. You get quality and timeless pieces at Jetlagmode and that is why I love this brand! Thank you for creating such a special brand Caro

Ana Ortuño Aravena