The Journey of Connection: Uniting Cultures through Fashion

I'm Carolina Baena, a Colombian-born entrepreneur who embarked on a journey to the United States a decade ago. With a passion for jewelry and accessories, I founded Jetlagmode, a sustainable fashion brand that not only reflects my country's vibrant culture but also showcases my personal style inspired by my global travels.

Spreading Culture Through Fashion: Jetlagmode was born out of a desire to spread the rich customs and roots of my Colombian heritage in the United States. Every unique piece that we produce tells a story, representing the craftsmanship and traditions of my people. We strive to create handcrafted jewelry and accessories that can make a fashion statement and also create awareness around sustainability.

The Pandemic's Impact: During the pandemic, like countless others, we faced numerous obstacles that disrupted our usual creative process. The implementation of restrictions and travel bans prevented me from visiting my team in Colombia and made harder our collaborative sessions. What we once took for granted quickly transformed into a cherished privilege. This challenging time compelled us to take a step back and reevaluate our approach. Although creativity was limited, it presented an opportunity to connect with the beauty of our immediate surroundings

Finding Inspiration Nearby: Despite the limitations, I began exploring the areas near Miami, seeking a place to breathe and disconnect from the new reality. My family and I walked around  the beach, piers, and different marinas and embraced the beauty of simplicity in our surroundings. It was during these moments of tranquility that my creative inspiration started blooming again, and my subconscious envisioned the next chapter of Jetlagmode.Reconnecting and Rebuilding: Despite the personal and business difficulties we faced, our team at Jetlagmode remained connected. We continued to foster a shared passion for creating unique pieces that would carry our brand forward. The profound sense of togetherness I felt with my team and the memories of our adventures around making a fashion statement that inspired the world to become a better place laid the foundation for our latest collection: CONNECTION

Introducing CONNECTION Collection: CONNECTION represents more than just a product line; it is a celebration of our strength, and resilience. Each piece in this collection is designed to be wearable individually or in combination with others, offering a versatile range of accessories. Inspired by links, the links that connect boats to a shore. The collection showcases unique textures and allows wearers to mix and match, allowing them to create their own unique style that reflects their personality and embraces the essence of street fashion/street style.  

At Jetlagmode, we have embraced the challenges that came from the pandemic as an opportunity for growth and reinvention. Our CONNECTION collection embodies the spirit of unity and the beauty of simplicity. Through our unique jewelry and accessories, we invite women and men to connect with different cultures, express their personal style, and celebrate the resilience that lies within us all.

Whether you're searching for sustainable fashion brands in the US or seeking accessories that tell a story, Jetlagmode is here to provide you with stunning pieces that transcend borders and connect hearts. Join us on this journey as we celebrate culture, fashion, and the power of CONNECTION


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