A Fusion of Roots and Evolution: Unveiling the Essence of the Fall-Winter Collection Drop

For me, this latest drop is an exquisite bridge between my 'Connection' collection and the very heart of my origins. After the launch of my previous collection earlier this year, seeing those completed pieces only fueled my imagination further. I envisioned how a necklace could transform into earrings, studs into ear cuffs, or how a chain could elegantly double as a bracelet. The multitude of combinations swirling in my mind from a single piece was so abundant that I couldn’t stop there.

My journey back to Colombia, my homeland, reignited my inspiration. Once again, I found myself immersed in the vibrant spirit of my people, deeply connected to their unique style of celebrating life through the simplest of things. It's the shared moments over a game of dominoes with family on the terrace, the infectious rhythm of salsa music from the corner store that compelled passersby to sway and smile, or the indescribable sensation of savoring my abuela's dulce de leche. Each simple element felt incredibly rich and fulfilling.

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Returning from that trip, the clarity struck me even more profoundly: how effortlessly one can connect with the familiar on so many levels. Even though something already exists, there are countless emotions and feelings waiting to be unraveled each time it’s revisited.

fall collection

This fall-winter drop is specially crafted for our muses who cherish every moment and relish transforming a simple outfit into something truly extraordinary each time they adorn it. They understand the magic of combining the same shirt and pants with different accessories, creating a distinct vibe with every ensemble.

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For those muses who acquired accessories from my prior collection, they'll discover new pieces that seamlessly complement what they already possess—an evolution right there. By blending pieces from both collections, they can infuse their looks with a subtle yet powerful transformation, a fusion of familiarity and innovation.

versatil accessories

This collection represents an amalgamation of memories, evolution, and the celebration of life's simplicity. It's an ode to the unique beauty found in the everyday, a homage to the evolution of style, and a tribute to the interconnectedness of our roots and aspirations.

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Carolina Baena 

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