Hi JetlagAddicts,

Today I realized that I never told you my story, how silly!

Here we’re going to talk a lot about styling and how to play with our body shape and closet, but sometimes I want to share deeper thoughts and cool projects with all of you.

Have you noticed I always start the blog saying: “Hi JetlagAddicts”? Well, that’s how I call myself: a jetlagaddict!

Traveling is one of my biggest passions. Having the opportunity to see the world is absolutely priceless. But not as a simple tourist; as a local!




I started traveling when I was a grownup and I think because of that I really value the richness of each place and its culture and people.

The worst vacations for me are the ones where I go to a huge resort, lay down for hours in the sun and just snap my fingers for my next margarita. I know sometimes that sounds great, even magical when you have kids. But we have to fight a little bit and go out of our comfort zone. Once you do it, you became aware of how interesting your trip gets just by walking around the hotel. Try to avoid the popular restaurant and go to the local one. The one in that little corner with no fancy chandeliers or super comfortable chairs, that’s going to be the best food of your trip. The one you’ll never forget.




Same thing with the places you visit… don’t get caught up in all the tourist traps! Please do a little research and discover the non-popular places, the real special ones, the ones that are not full of people. You’ll love it.

Well, after all this talk as a  “professional” traveler (yeah right!), here is the real Carolina!: A creative mind now exploring the fashion world.




I started my true professional life as an Industrial Designer, but I wasn’t happy, I wasn’t even functioning as a designer. I was just working here and there to survive and the path I chose was marketing. It wasn’t bad, but it was just ok. No passion, no meaning behind the whole thing. And then, life just put me in a place where I had to try something different and I discovered the jewelry world. BOOM! I was happy, really happy again. That “happy” that you wake up exited to go to work and create new things for that new day.

Now everything makes sense! That magical moment opened my eyes.

After that, every time I traveled I was looking for cool local pieces for my collection, my souvenirs, and people stopped me in the street asking me where I got that bracelet or necklace or dress.

Well, there’s a special need out there. I said. I realized people wanted special things, just like me. I wasn’t alone, we all are tired of the extremely commercial things, the massive productions and those fashion pieces that everybody else has.  And I took it as my responsibility to start finding special objects for my friends and that became a business/hobby. My dream business/hobby!




I was traveling around the world looking for all those “souvenirs” that I loved and I was going to get paid for that. Isn’t that cool??

The idea was a great success, but it was still a hobby; I needed to consolidate a real company and I started creating real collections in collaboration with other artists around Latin America. This is how JETLAGMODE was born. A brand that gets inspired in different parts of the world and creates authentic accessories made in each of these places. I’m empowering women and creating jobs for talented people in countries like mine, Colombia, where the talent is infinite as well as the need for a decent job.

I want to rescue the local art, I want to show you how Latin American techniques can make a twist and be modern and chic. These pictures are a perfect example of that!

My JetlagAddiction got me to the point where I want to travel more, I want to feel that Jetlag because that’s what keeps me inspired.




This is just an invitation for you to open your eyes. Try to enjoy the “REAL” things when you travel. Talk with the local people, eat their food, and buy their art. See how valuable is each craft, accessory or fashion piece that you find, how much story is behind each of these pieces, how it was made… It’s so interesting and amazing!

Enjoy this continuous Jetlag and have fun with it!



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